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Baby Olympics


I’m home all day, every day with Butts and Sass.  I know I’m hardly the only mom in this sitch, but where we live almost everyone has some kind of help, even if it’s just a cleaning service.  I get the guilts about spending any unnecessary money, so I suck it up and fly solo. […]

UPDATED TO ADD – She’s in!  Lassie has officially joined the fun.  Won’t you too? Uh…crap. I really needed to take better notes or something. Wednesday and/or Thursday (seriously, I can’t remember!) – went to the gym and did the same old treadmill/mat work. Oh no, wait. Thursday I went to the Farmers Market and […]

I am by no means a chef.  I do like to cook, but I have just as many mishaps as I do successes.  Believe me.  And most of the food I make is anything but gourmet.  It’s usually pretty good, though.  People are often very complementary and even though Bubs hates it when I say, […]



My moms’ group has kind of (d)evolved. We started out with a Cindy Walsh kind of vibe, but we’re definitely starting to trend more toward the Betty Ford demographic. It’s true that from the beginning there was one mom who brought wine to our meetings, but for a while no one wanted to be THE […]

Now Presenting


I am a big fan of the Wordless Wednesday posts that seem to abound in the blogosphere. It’s so fun to see the quick snapshots of my fellow bloggers’ lives. So often I go to join in and as soon as I choose the photo my mind starts writing the witty caption. Then I smack […]

Ok, so for whatever reason, starting this new blog has inspired me to go back and read my old blog. Not start to finish exactly, but I’ve been reading posts here and there just for kicks, I guess. In a lot of ways I feel like I’m reading someone else’s blog. It’s almost voyeuristic. Last […]



I’ve been interviewed!  I’d love to pretend that J-Ko was dying to know more about me and contacted me out of the blue, but in fact she was interviewed and put out a call asking if anyone wanted to be interviewed and I figured, “Hey! free post!”  So here goes.  More stuff you never wanted […]