Nadya Scissorhands


This is holding the spot for when I have the time and inclination to re-create my post about the 0ctuplet mom’s manicure.  Stupid Live Writer.  (That live writer is actually me.)


6 Responses to “Nadya Scissorhands”

  1. Yeeee! I missed your hee-larious posts and take on the world. Keep writing. Oh yeah, post pics of the new house.

    P.S. The Littles are so darn cute. Really, really adorable.

  2. 2 lifeineden

    Yeah! My biggie is the $$$$. How is it that I have huge loans for a little (but excellent) clinic in east bumble fVck — and she has no job, 6 other kids to support and some how receives care from one of the big clinics in Beverly Hills? WTF?

  3. 3 lifeineden

    PS — i LOVED the clown car comment. tee hee.

  4. 4 geohde

    I don’t even know what to say about the whole sad situation except that I’m glad the media here hasn’t picked up on it. Because then I’d have to yell at my tv.


  5. 5 Stacey

    You are too too funny!!! Thanks for your thoughts on the matter!!! Glad things are going well with the sweet babies…I know you are loving every minute of it!!!!

  6. I totally agree! This whole mess is very bad for the infertility community on so many levels. She is nuts and it sounds to me this doctor was not only irresponsible, but I think he may have been taking advantage of her. Did you think it weird that she was featured in a news story about his clinic during her last pregnancy? Something is up with those 2…

    And, WTH is up with the botoxed lips?

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