I’ve been interviewed!  I’d love to pretend that J-Ko was dying to know more about me and contacted me out of the blue, but in fact she was interviewed and put out a call asking if anyone wanted to be interviewed and I figured, “Hey! free post!”  So here goes.  More stuff you never wanted to know about me.

1) How did you and your husband meet? How soon did you know he’s “the one”?

We met when his friends who were visiting from out of town tried to set him up with with my roommate.   I decided to tag along on their group outing one night, which was pretty random since we didn’t always socialize that way.  That night I actually don’t remember much, but apparently Drunk Me makes a great first impression because word on the street is, he was hooked.  (Poor bastard.)  Then for me the next night was pretty much it.  We were out with a big crowd, but I felt like it was just the two of us.  We bonded over Underoos.  It was a long weekend and we spent nearly every waking hour together (with a crowd, but again – alone).  By the end of the weekend, I knew.  Not to sound like a trollop, but the other thing clued me to his “keeper-ness” in was that there was no hook-up that whole weekend.  He did spend at least 2 of the 3 nights on our futon, but after we talked into the wee hours I went to my own room to sleep.

Interestingly enough, my MIL has her OWN story about how we met.  It’s similar to this one, but in her version he and my roommate actually dated for quite a while.  She has me pining after him and looking wistful as they sauntered out the door on date after date.  She knows this isn’t true, but she tells it that way anyway, because she likes her version better.  It’s a harmless thing, but W.T.F’ing.F???  I think she likes painting me as a loser or something.

2) I have an irrational fear of birds. Do you have any?

First things first, your fear is NOT irrational.  Birds are gross and have many indefensible weapons that can be deployed at any second.  You are right and completely rational to fear them.   My irrational fear is very close, actually.  Cats.  I think they’re too bendy for any living thing – are they filled with venom instead of bones? – and I just assume they are mere seconds from pouncing on my face and clawing my eyes out.  Occasionally I feel bad because my husband would love to have a cat, but there’s no way I could live with the constant fear of attack.  Or worse, an outside cat that would be bringing me dead rodents as gifts.  Sorry, any pet (or person, you soon-to-be-toddlers!) that thinks a carcass makes a nice present is not welcome at Casa MomSprung.  Luckily my mom is allergic, so I can use that as an excuse.  I actually have a post that mentions my hate for birds and cats over here.

3) You mentioned your love of the funny (hot) Italian Chef on Top Chef. What does it for you – the italian part or the Chef part?

Ohhh Fabio.  Honestly, I think it’s the sarcastic part.  Every single thing he says cracks me up and I love it.  The chef part is fun, too.

4) What’s the longest time you’ve spent away from the babies and how was it? Any plans to leave them for a trip anytime soon?

Last month I went to Vegas with my college friends for our annual MLK weekend gathering.  I only went for one of the two nights and was gone for a little over 24 hours.  I think the next time I’ll be away from them will be in July or August visiting my cousin who’s due with twins.  I’m totally up for more opportunities, but it will be better once I wean them because pumping on vacation sucks ass.

5) Wine or Martini? Paris or London?  Sushi or steak? George Clooney or Brad Pitt?

Wine, especially if champagne counts!

Paris. I’ve never been, but I always thought I could find my way around based on the map inside my high school French book.

Steak.  Better sides.

Clooney hands down, no contest.  I’ve loved him since the Facts of Life, plus Brad does nothing for me.

Anyone out there want to be interviewed?  I can’t promise I’ll come up with such fun questions, but I’ll do my damndest.  Leave a comment w/ your email address and I’ll send the questions your way!


5 Responses to “MomInterviewed”

  1. Great answers. You are my new bff. PS. do we have the same M.I.L????

  2. Me! Me! I am so desperate for post fodder that I’d love to torture you with making up questions for me. 🙂

  3. Ohhh, pumping on vacation sounds like no fun. And, Clooney was super cute on the Facts of LIfe!

    Love the interview format and am always looking for post ideas, would you interview me too? (I’m looking forward to your advice post!)

  4. 4 lifeineden

    Oooh, my husband meeting weekend was very similar (except we did hook up — does that sound bad?). We spent the entire weekend together, and pretty much every one since over the last 16+ years.

    I’m up for interview, but you look sort of busy. 🙂

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