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I am a big fan of the Wordless Wednesday posts that seem to abound in the blogosphere. It’s so fun to see the quick snapshots of my fellow bloggers’ lives. So often I go to join in and as soon as I choose the photo my mind starts writing the witty caption. Then I smack myself upside the head as I remember it’s supposed to be wordless. Duh!

Well, I guess wordless just ain’t my thing, so I’m hereby starting a new Wednesday blog series. If you’re like me and you can’t keep your trap shut, and you need a place to journal your exercise regimen, won’t you please join me for the all new…Workout Wednesdays?

My plan is to list off my workouts for the past week here on Wednesdays, along with any noticeable body changes (don’t worry – only those related to exercise!). Then you will say, “Woo hoo! Go E! You are awesome!” and then I will be encouraged to work out even more the following week and I’ll go visit your blog and say “Woo hoo! Go You! You are awesome, and may I say, you look damn skinny!” Of course, you know I can’t see you, but you won’t care about a little detail like that.

Also, if don’t post much, I need you to call me out!  You’ll be doing me a favor, I promise.

If things really take off, maybe I’ll join WW and post that info, too! Whaddya think? Who wants in?  If you let me know that you’re posting I’ll add a link to your blog from here and we can link around to each other and maybe sing “Kumbaya”, or better yet “Let’s Get Physical.”  Ok, enough chatter.  (See?  Wordless no worky for me.)

Workout Wednesday – #1

I joined the Y last Tuesday. We had gone to tour it a few weeks back and thank god I found it was a pretty nice facility. I’d pretty much already decided we needed to join because they offer 2 HOURS OF FREE CHILDCARE PER KID, PER DAY!

Yeah. That deserves the caps, right? As a SAHM with no outside help and a mother who moves away for the winter, this is a deal that I could not pass up. Even if I were to spend the entire two hours hanging in the locker room it would be worth it! Which, by the way, I’m so not going to do. I totally get that a womens’ locker room is a place where we shouldn’t feel self conscious and are able to shower, change, etc. without feeling immodest, but I have to ask: Is it really necessary to wander around the entire room naked, but for the towel on your head, pondering, “Hmm…now where is my locker?”?? I mean, as you’re finishing up the shower, wouldn’t you go about plotting your route back to your stuff? I’m just sayin.’ And You…the Rubenesque woman who just hangs out on your stool, legs and substantial breasts splayed wide open…here’s my towel. I don’t need it as badly as you do.

Anyhoo…the kids seem to be loving the childcare. Ask me though. Do I care? Are they alive and preferably not bleeding when I pick them up? Sweet! It’s all good. Plus it’s great incentive to work out longer. Just when I think I’m done doing crunches, it occurs to me: more crunches = more Me Time! Those obliques could use another set…

So here’s what I did over the past week.

Tuesday: Treadmill* and a few crunches – I didn’t have too much time b/c we got there a bit late and had to do all the signing up stuff.

Wednesday: Hilly 2 mile power walk w/ the B.0.B.

Thursday: Same as Tuesday – with more crunches, some free weights and pushups

Friday: Same – wow, I need to find some variety. I do love the treadmill, though.

Monday: Body Sculpting class, 1-on-1 hoops with hubby.

Tuesday: Treadmill, pushups, crunches, various pilates moves.

*My usual treadmill workout is a quick warm up, then 30 minutes of intervals, some running, some power walking w/ increasing incline, then a quick cool down. I get too bored just going one speed, so this works for me.

What about you? What’s your workout regimen? Any fun new ideas about how to make trips to the gym productive and a little bit fun?


7 Responses to “Now Presenting”

  1. Wow, now I just feel lazy. Maybe I’ll try to find a way to foot the Y cost after our newest member joins us in September.
    It sounds like you’re off to a great start – go you! 🙂

  2. God, I am a lazy, fat fuck. I need to get to the gym. I want to hear the sounds of the crowd cheering, “Go Leah!” Until that miracle occurs, however, I’ll be the 2nd to say, “GO E!” You are already lookin’ mighty fine, my friend. I can use my trans-continental vision to tell, you know.

  3. I’m glad I found your new blog! I can’t believe you’re working out every day! I’m lucky if I get in to the gym 3 times a week! Go E!!!

  4. 4 Stacey

    You are so funny!!! Okay, I think you have motivated me…I have no excuses…my BABY will be 13 YEARS in December….gee, ya think it is time to get the baby weight off???? It is only 20 lbs and I lost it in 2003 and am just depressed I let it slip back on…I am going on a cruise April 9th..think I can loose it by then? I know I could if I totally tried…I have a treadmill at home and have been THINKING about getting on it….I think you have motivated me to actually get on!!!
    Hell, you have TWINS that are babies and can do it!!!! What is my excuse except that I am a lazy fat ass….
    Go E, you are awesome and you can do it!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. P.S. I tagged you! If only there were actual running involved, I could count that as exercise. Too bad.

  6. Hey, good for you! We have a new city rec center opening this summer and I cannot wait. I will be all over that free/cheap childcare — like you, I have no real outside help.

  7. I joined the Y in October, mostly for the childcare. Woot!
    I like the elliptical on hill+, Kil*manjaro. Its 15 minutes uphill (resistance) then 15 minutes down. It way easier than it sounds -shame on me. Just started free weights this week. Feel kind of like I don’t know what I’m doing, so I asked for instruction. It was all good, I was doing what the personal trainer said, then someone came over and corrected my form. He was nice, but just confirmed that I don’t know what I’m doing.

    My ipod jams to Ferg*ie and Pink on the treadmill and elliptical and I read magazines when I’m being lazy on the bike.

    I think I’ll give Workeout Wednesday a shot. Good idea!

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