My moms’ group has kind of (d)evolved. We started out with a Cindy Walsh kind of vibe, but we’re definitely starting to trend more toward the Betty Ford demographic. It’s true that from the beginning there was one mom who brought wine to our meetings, but for a while no one wanted to be THE ONE to open it. So there it sat, lonely among a sea of empty Calistoga bottles yearning to be part of the in crowd. This particular mom ended up going back to work (presumably to pay her liquor bills) so the sparkling water stood alone for a few weeks.

Then we started with the afternoon happy hours. These were separate from our “playgroups” so it felt ok. Never mind that they were the same thing: Bring your kid(s) to someone’s house, lay them on the floor, ask people about naps… This time it just happened to be a Friday afternoon, so the drinking felt ok.

THEN someone (ok, so maybe it was me) brought mimosa fixings to one of our 11:00am playgroups. I mean, mimosas…where’s the harm in that? It’s mostly OJ, right? Well…not so much anymore. This morning I had a couple of twin moms over and one of them brought a bottle of bubbles and the 3 drops of OJ she happened to have lying around. It worked out perfectly because we all just use the OJ to legitimize the morning boozing. A drop each was plenty!

But now it’s getting scary. My pals are gone, the midgets are in their napping places and I’m sitting here at the laptop lapping up the rest of the champagne. Yeah, I’m drinking alone while my kids nap. You got a problem with that?

Who else drinks during the day with their fellow moms? Who will cop to drinking alone? Should we start Fucked-up Fridays to counterbalance Workout Wednesdays?

I kid…I kid…


…I like to drink most on Mondays.


4 Responses to “Mmm…Bubbles”

  1. 1 lifeineden

    Hmmm, this is an anonymous account right?
    I’ll admit to cracking open the vino while making dinner before the hubby is home. I have SERIOUSLY considered starting much earlier, oh say … 10am? But my strong Irish roots (read: alcoholic) keep me from daring.

    But hey, it’s not like you OPENED the bottle when you were alone. You’re just finishing it off. Champagne doesn’t keep, those bubbles won’t last forever!

  2. That is too funny. I agree with the previous poster…it wouldn’t taste the same if the bubbles were gone!

  3. I’m LOL because although I don’t drink with fellow moms — since I have NO fellow moms to hang out with during the day — I can definitely relate. And personally I feel that champagne is justified at any time of day. : )

  4. Also, I like the 90210 reference…

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