Workout Wednesday #2


UPDATED TO ADD – She’s in!  Lassie has officially joined the fun.  Won’t you too?

Uh…crap. I really needed to take better notes or something.

Wednesday and/or Thursday (seriously, I can’t remember!) – went to the gym and did the same old treadmill/mat work. Oh no, wait. Thursday I went to the Farmers Market and enjoyed a tasty waffle from the Belgian Waffle truck. I do think we went for a nice walk in the afternoon, though.

Friday – Mini-walk around the neighborhood.

Saturday – Changed crib sheets. Sweet jesus, THAT is a workout, right? Why is it so hard?

Sunday – Rained all day. I took it as permission to laze about.

Monday – Great workout at the gym. Swam hard for 40 minutes, then took a body sculpting class. I’m still sore!

Tuesday – Great neighborhood walk. It was zippy, a little hilly and even involved some strength training – pushing the littles on the swings. In the evening I performed a 2-hour strength exercise: holding my tongue at our Multiples group annual sale committee meeting. If you’ve ever been to a meeting like that, you probably know what I mean. I wasn’t sure – did I join the fray and start speaking in the annoying business-speak I SO happily left behind? “I can’t make that meeting, but I’m sure someone will download to me, right?” Or did I just sit back, drink my wine and eat hummus, and nod my head in agreement from time to time? I went for option two most of the time, but I did have to interject once to suggest that it’s probably a better use of our time to figure out ways of speeding up the hour-long line* that past customers have dealt with than it is to debate the merits of pink markers versus pink crayons. I’m just sayin’

Anyone else out there?   Lassie?  You were going to join the fun… You in?

*Seriously.  When you’re giving thought to offering parenting seminars in the line to entertain the shoppers, YOUR! LINE! IS! TOO! LONG!  GET! MORE! CASHIERS!


One Response to “Workout Wednesday #2”

  1. Hah – those crib sheets ARE work! the first time my husband tried to change one, he told me I was his hero. 🙂 With less spit, I’m SO glad I don’t have to change them as often. Of course, I can’t say how infrequently I change them or I’ll just sound lazy. 🙂

    And I go to a consignment sale here that runs more smoothly than anything you could imagine. I seriously wish every sale modeled after this one – it’s amazing. Bar codes for consignors, computers to check out – they even take credit cards. And there’s a line of “de-taggers” to take all the price tags off before getting to the cashier. Seamless and amazing. Good luck with yours!

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