Baby Olympics


I’m home all day, every day with Butts and Sass.  I know I’m hardly the only mom in this sitch, but where we live almost everyone has some kind of help, even if it’s just a cleaning service.  I get the guilts about spending any unnecessary money, so I suck it up and fly solo. Of course visitors to our house would certainly argue that a cleaning service would not fall under the “unnecessary” category. 

But enough about my poor housekeeping skills.  I suck at that part, ’nuff said.  But I think I’m actually doing ok at the motherhood thing.  (Aside from the occasional day-long drinking binge, a’course.)  There are plenty of times that I wish I had an extra set of hands, or that I was off getting a pedicure while someone else was watching my kids and doing my dishes, and I probably look at the clock 100 times between 5 and 6 when Bubs gets home but for the most part I do alright.

One thing I’ve learned and come to love is that babies (these babies anyway) have a pretty reliable reset button. Our main play area is the living room, but we also have play areas in the kitchen and in their bedroom. Just moving to a different space does wonders for a cranky bambino. This has worked well lately since we’re in our rainy season and the sanity-saving “Shut Up Walks” I tend to rely on haven’t been possible.

To showcase some of the indoor activities we’ve been enjoying I give you, the Baby Olympics:

This view is from my best event – Spotting. I stay close enough that I can break up hair pulling  battles and help with falls, but far enough away that they can’t touch me. Once they do, it’s all over. I become their personal jungle gym and they are not quite steady enough for me to handle two climbers at once. It’s a delicate balance for me and as you can see one of the judges is NOT impressed.


Daddy is much nicer. He lets them walk climb all over him.

daddy jungle gym

Then we moved onto Synchronized Swimming. This was their first bath together and I can’t wait to do it again! We only do baths about monthly in these parts, so you’ll have to check back in March for the next one. I kid…I kid! (Kind of.)

sychronized swimming

Ok, fine.  How many of you are on to this ruse? I mean clearly the Olympics theme is a stretch. But I really wanted to post some recent pics of the littles, so I thought I’d have a little fun with it. Here are the rest:

Gratuitous cute photo of Sass in the tub:

sudsy sass

Jam Session!

jam session

Self Reflection Moment for Butts

reflection pondering

Beer Shotgunning Practice


Peek-a-Boo BEFORE (I was behind a door)

peek a boo before

Peek-a-Boo AFTER

peek a boo after

Ok, thanks for indulging me.  I was feeling rather proud of the runts, so I had to share.

We had our 9 month well baby appointment today, just over 3 weeks late.  They are thriving!  Our pedi was super pleased with all their development skills, saying they are way ahead of the game for verbal and motor skills.  She also assured me they’ll be walking before 1.  Oh fuck.  It’s crazy enough with the crawling and pulling up.  Maybe then I’ll have some real Olympics to show you.

Oh, and of course the stats:


19 lbs, 10 oz (50th percentile)

26 3/4″ (25th %ile)

Can’t remember the head measurement, but…90th!!!! %ile.  I really shouldn’t be surprised.  My dome is humongous.  Pobrecita. 


20lbs, 14 oz (50th %ile)

28″ (60th %ile)

His head is in the more reasonable 75th %ile.  Maybe he won’t be as brainy, but at least he’ll be in proportion!  Poor Sass is going to have balance issues.


7 Responses to “Baby Olympics”

  1. Sass and Butts are so delicious! So cute! Sounds like things are progressing very well.

  2. I like the “Olympics.” Around here, we’d have to add Mountain Climbing and Obstacle Courses. Maybe even Speed Crawling – although we’d lose a participant with that one – but he is excellent at the Backstroke on dry ground. 🙂

  3. 3 lifeineden

    Oooh, ooh, oooh — I wish we could have coffee! I too live where virtually EVERYONE has help. The trashy girls in the apartment UPSTAIRS have a cleaning lady! Some people never do their own laundry. And with some kids in my son’s school, I only know the nanny not the parents. It’s not easy going it alone, and I too stare at the door from about 4pm til 7pm since DH’s arrival is always changing.

    Oh, and bathing here is a hit or miss activity too. If there aren’t major poopy blow-outs, I’m lucky if the fruit babies get 2 a week.

    Love the pics. Keep busy, the rain is almost done!

  4. So cute! i totally feel you on the big head thing! At my son’s 9 month appointment he was 50% for weight, 75th for height, and 90th for head. He has been between 90th and 95th since birth. Clothing can be a challenge because he almost needs a size bigger just to get his head through the hole!

  5. That whole post just made me laugh a lot. I love their nicknames!

  6. Very cute!

  7. 7 Stacey

    Thanks for all the pics!!!! The are PRECIOUS!!!! and getting so big!!!!! You are the woman for not having any help! Great job on keeping up with the workouts!!! I was laughing so hard a few posts ago when you were talking about going for the childcare and as long as they were back in one piece you were good!!! Made me smile! 🙂
    Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!

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