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Yes, I forgot last week. I thought I’d make up for it on Thursday, but it didn’t happen. This is pretty indicative of my dedication to workouts in general lately! Crap. So, here’s the past week. Thursday – Neighborhood walk. About 3 miles. Friday – Same walk, different day. Saturday – Does affixing decals to […]

Ok, this is for real now. Up ’til now I’ve been doing this twin thing with what I’ll admit is a sense of smug superiority.  I often found myself wondering just why all these people were wondering how I do it, and kept referring to my tiny pals as “double trouble.”  It just didn’t seem […]

Ok, people, I’m back. Last week’s omission was a mere oversight due to the fact that I was holed up in the car with the fam plus my mom, on the 8-hour trek to Palm Springs. We’ve have been leisure-exercising (“leisurecising”?) our asses off ever since. Thursday – Walk with the babies and about an […]

Ever since the babies arrived I have been super sensitive to loud noises.  I think this is pretty natural, but I do feel like kind of a jerkoff always asking people to turn the volume on the tv, radio, their booming voices, etc. down.  Most peeps are very considerate, generally agreeing with me about protecting […]

For some reason, the kind (if a bit jittery) javaholics over at have decided to feature my blog as part of the MomLogic Community Coffee Club! So flattering! As further evidence of their caffeine-infused madness, they’re giving away a Keurig Single-Cup Coffee Maker a day for an entire month! I’m hoping to win one […]

Today is the babies’ 10-month birthday.  How can this be???  It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was a big ole heifer, lying on the couch, demanding ice cream from Bubs and daydreaming about when I’d finally become a mom. Then, I actually got pregnant. The daydreams, the ice cream demands, and of course […]