Who needs coffee?


For some reason, the kind (if a bit jittery) javaholics over at Momlogic.com have decided to feature my blog as part of the MomLogic Community Coffee Club! So flattering! As further evidence of their caffeine-infused madness, they’re giving away a Keurig Single-Cup Coffee Maker a day for an entire month! I’m hoping to win one myself, as perhaps an auxiliary coffee station. Maybe I could set it up in the living room for those days when I need a fix, but can’t get my sorry arse up off the couch. I wonder if it comes with a battery pack; I could put it in the car!

Ok, so entering the contest could not be easier.

Start off by leaving a comment on my featured post, “It Could Have Been Me.”

Then, grab your cup and head on over to my Momlogic profile and leave another comment there. No need to be witty or insightful, just let me know you’re there for the coffee. And that’s it! You are officially entered!

Also, if you’re new here and want to learn more about me, a good place to start is by checking out my old infertility blog.  Hope to see you back here soon!


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