Workout Wednesday


Ok, people, I’m back. Last week’s omission was a mere oversight due to the fact that I was holed up in the car with the fam plus my mom, on the 8-hour trek to Palm Springs. We’ve have been leisure-exercising (“leisurecising”?) our asses off ever since.

Thursday – Walk with the babies and about an hour of tennis

Friday – short hike, more tennis, including administering a sound beating to my mom. Yeah, she’s in her 60’s so I probably shouldn’t gloat, but I very rarely beat her, so I’m actually thinking about renting a plane and banner. Then later Friday night Bubs, my brother and his gf rode our bikes into town for dinner and drinks. We also decided to go to this schwanky hotel which was another 4 miles down the road. In all we ended up biking 12 miles. Of course the calorie burn didn’t even make a dent in the intake.

Saturday – Ugh. Not hungover, exactly but definitely sluggish. Went to the driving range and floated in the pool a bit.

Sunday – No earthly idea what went on. If I were to guess I’d say faux-swimming, a bit of tennis and a walk?

Monday – HEINOUS, ill-shod walk due to record-breaking wails from Sassy. Furious blisters developed which have hampered all future endeavors.

Tuesday – 16 holes of golf.  Unfortunately the improvement in my game means less criss-crossing the course and fewer shots, so it’s not as much of a workout, but I’m ok with that.  We did resist the post-round appetizer sampler/margarita pitcher combo, so I think we’ll call this a victory!

Anyone else out there? Lassie? I know I can count on you!


2 Responses to “Workout Wednesday”

  1. Love the word leisurecise!

    Good job on resisting the post-round appetizer sampler/margarita pitcher combo! Oh how many times I’ve celebrated a good workout by chowing down…

  2. Hey, Sister! Good to see you here…and good for you with the workouts. You’re my hero. 🙂

    I hope you and the kiddos are well!

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