Workout Wednesday


Yes, I forgot last week. I thought I’d make up for it on Thursday, but it didn’t happen. This is pretty indicative of my dedication to workouts in general lately! Crap. So, here’s the past week.

Thursday – Neighborhood walk. About 3 miles.

Friday – Same walk, different day.

Saturday – Does affixing decals to the wall count for anything? We made a playroom for the babes (pics to follow) and that was my big contribution aside from bossing the Mr. around.

Sunday – cheered mightily for the Syracuse Orange.

Monday – 3.5 mile speed walk. Well, at least the 2nd half was speedy b/c I was trying to get home before the Littles fell asleep. Also I went to a kick ass spin class. It kicked MY ass, anyway.

Tuesday – Hmm…it was only yesterday. You’d think I might remember. Maybe there’s nothing to remember…yeah, that’s probably it.


One Response to “Workout Wednesday”

  1. As my Little Lassie would say… Where arrrrreee YYOUUUUUUUUU?

    did the wee ones tie you up and throw you in a closet while they party with their peeps?

    Seriously, hope all is well

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