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I need a brain.  Seriously.  I want to blog, I really do.  I enjoy the Blogosphere, and once I get to writing I really love it, but I just find it so hard to kick start myself.  For whatever sad reason, pouring over while watching The Today Show, seems to be all I can […]

So yesterday afternoon Butts was dragging his ass all over the place. Actually it was more like he was dragging his head. He’d be speed crawling somewhere and then a wave of ennui would wash over him and he’d just lay his big ole dome down on the floor for a quick rest. Then, a […]

Now Hiring


In an effort to provide an economic stimulus to one lucky person, I am now hiring one highly specialized domestic staff person. Nanny? I wish. Housekeeper? Not specialized enough. What could it be, you ask? Sippy Cup Washer Requirements – can-do attitude, plenty of elbow grease to spare, unquenchable thirst for scrubbing. Special consideration given […]