Dorothy, can you help?


I need a brain.  Seriously.  I want to blog, I really do.  I enjoy the Blogosphere, and once I get to writing I really love it, but I just find it so hard to kick start myself.  For whatever sad reason, pouring over while watching The Today Show, seems to be all I can do.  Thanks be to god I haven’t been recruited by any armed forces.  “Be all you can be” would really not pan out for them with this recruit.  

I’m actually considering talking to someone about this issue.  I know I’m not exactly being original here, but I really, truly think I might have ADD.  There is a lifetime of unfulfilled potential that back me up on this.  I promise.  So, whenever I can get my sorry ass in gear, I hope to look into it.  But for now, I’m going to try a new weekly post thingy…  Small Talk Six.  I’m a sucker for all those list thingies on FB, so I figure this shouldn’t be too hard.  Of course the first one is tough for me, since I’m not much of an animal lover.  Oh well, here goes!

6 animals (domestic, wild, or exotic) you think would be fun to own as pets

1. Dog.

2. Horse.  In a stable, far, far away from the house.

3. Um… this is getting tough.  Oh!  Fish.  As long as they come with someone to clean the tank.

4. Pet Rock.

5. Wow, um…can I count children?  That would be great, since I have two.  Then they could be 5 and 6.

So, yeah, I’ve got some animal issues.  I get freaked out in the gerbil aisle of Petco.  Which can be inconvenient because from time to time I like to use Petco as free entertainment for #5&6.  I go in all well-intentioned, and I will go down the Path de Rodents, chit chatting away about Mr. Hamst..” and then I gag and have to go look at the tiny dog outfits.  Because even though they are gross in their own way, they’re better than rats and gerbils and all that.  Last time we were there I threw up in my mouth a little bit in front of the ferret cage, and it was EMPTY.  

Don’t get me started on cats.


2 Responses to “Dorothy, can you help?”

  1. 1 Leah

    Amen. I feel like I have plenty to blog about, but lack whatever component it is that is hindering my motivation. Sigh…

  2. I know the feeling!…especially when twin take away all your energy.
    Oh..I don’t think a Pet Rock counts as an animal. 🙂

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