Twist and Pout


UPDATED TO ADD: DUH!  I forgot to mention that my debut post at How Do You Do It went up today! Stop on by!


Question. When did it become normal for nail salons to administer manis and pedis simultaneously?

I rarely get a manicure (See already effed up right thumb a mere 71 minutes post-mani for explanation.) but I love me a good pedicure. I sit back, let the harmony of the vibrating chair and the soft buzz of Vietnamese gossip lull me into a near coma while I leaf through trashy mags. It’s heaven, right?

Well, add in a mani these days and you can kiss that visual goodbye. I’m going to Las Vegas tomorrow and figured that since I’m a giant heifer with a craptastic wardrobe, I ought to at least have decent looking hands.

So I ask for a French mani (because I want to be classy like NotGelina). All of a sudden my bliss is over. Kaput. I am twisted in my chair with both hands on one side, magazines left un-leafable. All for something that will be ruined before I even clap eyes on a poolside margarita.

I totally get it for people with, you know, LIVES? Like people who have somewhere to be? Or people who don’t rely on pedicures for their only alone time. I wanted this appointment to last a few hours. I did not feel the need for speed. And I really think that the worst part is the uncomfortable position. The twist gets to be a bit much, no?

Should I have just spoken up and said I wanted them done separately? Yeah, I suppose. But I get a mad case of beauty salon mute mouth. You know where the stylist is styling your hair in some crazy non-fashionable fashion and you’re thinking, “Oh god, what the hell? I hope he won’t be too upset if I put this in a ponytail before I go outside.” But do I say anything? No. Or worse, when he asks what I think? “Oh great!” Loser.

But seriously, am I the only person who is bothered by this mani/pedi situation? I’ve gotta know.


4 Responses to “Twist and Pout”

  1. Oh, that would be a pain, literally and figuratively. Seriously, I didn’t come to get my nails done in the name of efficiency! I came to enjoy myself! If I just wanted some paint on my fingers, I could do it myself. I came for the experience! 🙂

  2. Dude! Same time? I’ve seen places where the person doing my pedi will do the mani while I stay in the chair – but hey! Massaging chair!

  3. 3 Erica

    That’s annoying! When I went for my mani/pedi last week, they did them seperately … someone did actually have that done, but they specifically requested it … I agree with you … I want to read mags, relax, and listen to gossip spoken in another language …

  4. 4 Heather

    Totally a random comment: I found you through HDYDI and you had my vote from day one. You are hilarious, your kids are cute, and you’re now on my blog roll.

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