Bratty Behavior


Betcha thought this was going to be about those babies of mine, didn’t ya?

Yeah, well…fine, it’s me. I’m the brat.

You see, I like to pretend that material things don’t really matter to me. Do I buy a lot of my clothes at Target? Yup. Do I need a fancy car? No. Do I use paper towels for napkins most nights? Uh huh. Am I fine with my traditional cell phone? Well, as it turns out, no.

I’ve been saying forever “Oh yeah, those iPhones are cool, but do I really care? No. As long as my phone makes calls and texts, I’m good.” But lately I’ve been drawn more and more to the now practically ubiquitous gadget. And part of my desire even stems from something (somewhat) worthy! I have this new blog idea, but I need to be able to take photos and notes “in the field.” My good ole’ Nokia takes ok pics, but no way am I going to take notes on it. (Yes, I am aware of the old fashioned paper and pen option, and I even brought a notebook out with me for a while, but it just ain’t happenin’.)

Plus there’s the obvious fun factor of the iPhone. I recently went on a trip to Las Vegas and was the only sad sack in our group who couldn’t update her FB page and check in to her flight from her phone. I nearly got bumped off my flight home because I didn’t check in until I got to the airport!

Hubs is (like all software geeks out there) thinking about developing some apps for the iPhone, and may have some work projects related to it, too, so his company just bought him one.

Hallelujah of hallelujahs, we decided I should get one too. Now, since part of that non-material needs business is true, I am perfectly ok with getting the “old” 3g version.

So, I pack up the runts and saunter down to the phriendly phone store. Where I find out that I don’t have an upgrade available until next May and the base iPhone would cost $500 rather than the $99 you see advertised everywhere. $500!!! Yeah, no. Even I realized that that is obscene.

Until…Hubs got home with his. I can’t even look at it! Of course since work paid, he got the top of the line model. He keeps trying to point out cool features and I cannot take it! I told him it’s going to be a while before I can discuss it like an adult. Like, a LONG while. Like, until I get one of my own.

How pathetic am I? Mr. Gadget is so excited about it, and I can’t even indulge him in talking about it. LAME.

I keep giving my phone to my kids in the hope that they’ll smash it to bits. Sadly it’s turning out to be indestructible. It doesn’t work for shit, turns off in the middle of calls, texts, etc., but they just can’t seem to really break it. Weaklings.


2 Responses to “Bratty Behavior”

  1. you are not the only one with iphone envy, my friend. my phone contract is up in less than 90 days (yes, I am counting the days) and then I’m marching over to the at&t store for an iphone. i feel your pain.

  2. 2 Carrie Sharer

    Ah Bryan gave me $100 for my birthday to go buy one and I found the same shit out. My contract is up in October and I decided I didn’t want to wait. But I only had to pay $299. Still sucks but the phone was definitely worth it!

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