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Trip Notes


I’ve got a new post up at and in it I talk about the trip that Butts and I just took back east.  In my posts over there, I really try to be focused and stay on topic, but here?  Here I get to be rambly and no one can stop me!  So here’s […]

Yes it is. It’s the Magic Number. Somewhere in this Fisher Price Community Was born 2. Butts and Sassy And that’s the magic number. What does it all mean? What it means is that these 2 kids need 2 naps. 2day and everyday. I tried valiantly to move us to 1 nap, but after a […]

The Grin Reaper


Ok, my son is out of control. I have never seen a more gleeful thug in all my life. No matter which subject he is beating to hell, he always does it with a smile. The windows, the dog, his sister, his mother…they all get the equally joyful smackdown. Why just this morning he took […]

Skinny Napping


So, this one nap thing is going. It’s not going well, it’s not going poorly, it’s just going. But there have been some interesting side effects that I couldn’t have predicted and they’re all about me! (Of course, right?) 1) I’m always starving. I used to eat breakfast during the am nap and lunch during […]

Did you know that when you decide to make the transition from two naps to one that it means your kids only take ONE nap per day? All you “Hangover” fans are calling me a ruh-tard right about now and I can’t blame you! It doesn’t get more obvious than that, but today on our […]