What about ONE did I not understand?


Did you know that when you decide to make the transition from two naps to one that it means your kids only take ONE nap per day?

All you “Hangover” fans are calling me a ruh-tard right about now and I can’t blame you! It doesn’t get more obvious than that, but today on our first day of the new 1 nap lifestyle, it only occurred to me after they woke up that this was it. No more putting them down today. While I’m excited about this new phase, let me tell you, it was a crushing blow.

I love my kids like crazy, but I love ’em even more when they’re asleep. Don’t judge. You know you feel the same way.

You might be asking, “Why do it, then?” Why cut out the other nap? Well, I’m traveling back East with Butts next week to visit my cousin and her brand new twin boys. While I’m with them, Butts will be hanging mostly with my dad who is not exactly respectful of silly things like naps and schedules and the like. Then the day we get back another cousin arrives with her brood and we’ll be activitying it up all over the Bay Area. Two naps would be such a pain, and I’m sure there would be a lot of days where naps get skipped. Seems easier to try to train them into 1 now. I hope I’m right!

And if you care about these things, today’s inaugural run went just fine. We went to the park around 8:30, which is their usual morning naptime, and hung out for a seemingly eternal 90 minutes. I sprinted home in the BOB at 10, purposefully hitting every bump I could find in the sidewalk, because it seemed like they were going to pass out during the 5-block walk. We made it with all four eyeballs open and I had them down by 10:15. Sass woke up just before noon and Butts made it to 12:50! It was way more than I could have hoped for and I’m sure that now that I’ve talked them up, tomorrow will be pure hell.


3 Responses to “What about ONE did I not understand?”

  1. good luck! We thought about trying the one-nap switch, but decided they just weren’t ready. They only get one on Sundays due to nursery schedules, but that makes for a rough day!

  2. I was both excited and bummed when my kids finally dropped the AM nap, too. On the one hand, it’s nice to have that big chunk of time for a real outing. On the other hand, I miss having that little break in the morning! Ah well.

  3. 3 charissimo

    The park is like one long swing-hell for me. I didn’t even really like them when I was a kid.

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