Skinny Napping


So, this one nap thing is going. It’s not going well, it’s not going poorly, it’s just going. But there have been some interesting side effects that I couldn’t have predicted and they’re all about me! (Of course, right?)

1) I’m always starving. I used to eat breakfast during the am nap and lunch during the afternooner. Now, my breakfast is delayed until 10:30 – 11, whenever I get them down, and my lunch is…DINNER. And in related news…

2) The best way I’ve found to keep them busy and awake in the morning is to go to the gym. Let those poor ladies in the YMCA daycare deal with them. I know as long as I pack a couple Dora yogurts (“Doh dah!” as Butts enthusiastically exclaims) they’ll be just fine.

So between the missed meals and the trips to the gym, this one nap thang just might help me lose the extra 700 pounds I’ve been lugging around – woo hoo!

Speaking of going to the gym, yesterday I went to a Step & Strength class. Holy Uncoordinated! I had been taking this bring-your-baby-to-class class but I think the instructor was pandering to our Mommy Brains, because the steps were not too difficult.

Yesterday’s class went like this:

“Mambo six, shuffle, up and over, turn step, walk to the front, now to the back, shuffle shuffle over and back now knee up L step…”

ACK! And of course the thing that messed me up the most was walking forward and backward. WALKING. Yeah.

Then, once my brain was completely fried, it was time to pick up the weights. Somehow the overuse of my choreographebellum turned me into a weakling. I was total junk! It’s all good, though because now I have this burning desire to go back and conquer Instructor Rose, her demanding footwork and her insistence on overhead presses. Look out Rose. I’m comin’ for ya.


One Response to “Skinny Napping”

  1. You are cracking me up…I could never take a step class…I’d end up with a concussion! Glad you’re in it though…makes for good blogging!

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