The Grin Reaper


Ok, my son is out of control. I have never seen a more gleeful thug in all my life. No matter which subject he is beating to hell, he always does it with a smile. The windows, the dog, his sister, his mother…they all get the equally joyful smackdown.

Why just this morning he took a block (Foam, mind you) and repeatedly bashed Sassy in the head. He could not have been happier. Sadly, I can’t say the same for his sister.

What am I going to do with this Bruiser? He totally knows that what he’s doing is wrong, which makes it all the more difficult to discipline him. I’m at a complete loss, and getting pretty frustrated. Anyone?


One Response to “The Grin Reaper”

  1. 1 Erica

    I had to comment because this made me laugh alot. and then I read it to my husband, and he laughed too. You got me at “gleeful thug”.

    I wish I had advice. Hailey loves to beat up Jake, but she does it with a vicious look on her face. I’m actually not sure if I would rather have her smiling or not. Either way it sucks. And the foam block is a popular weapon at our house as well.

    Mine are a little older, so the time outs are working. And after she beats him, and sits in her time out, she runs over to him and says “Sorry Jakey.” and gives him a hug. Then waits about 15 minutes before attacking him again. Fun.

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