Trip Notes


I’ve got a new post up at and in it I talk about the trip that Butts and I just took back east.  In my posts over there, I really try to be focused and stay on topic, but here?  Here I get to be rambly and no one can stop me!  So here’s our trip on a deeper, less organized level.

The first thing Butts does upon arrival at our departure gate is to make friends with this hellion of a 3 year old.  Together they terrorized our fellow passengers – many of whom I imagine were thinking of ways they could change flights – driving trucks up their legs, whacking them, tossing goldfish at them…  I was faced with the dilemma: do I strap him into the stroller to avoid the evil gazes and exasperated sighs, or let him get it all out right there, so he’ll be a little angel on the plane?


You know where this is going, right?  I let him continue playing and it didn’t work at all.  All things considered, he was relatively quiet on the plane, but he slept all of 20 minutes (of a 5 hour flight) and spent the rest of the flight thrashing about, scratching me with his unclipped nails, and hurling toys, sippy cups and in-flight magazines at our neighboring passengers.  Luckily my JetBlue tv had the Speed Channel because we watched a LOT of drag racing complete with Butts’ sound effects.  (It was the one time I wished I’d brought the girl.  She probably would have wanted to watch the Say Yes to the Dress marathon, like me.)

On the plus side, once we arrived at my dad’s (at 2am!), he went to sleep perfectly and slept in until 10.  It was glorious.  He was amazing for the whole visit.  No matter where I asked him to nap, he went down perfectly, and he napped his ass off.  He REALLY wasn’t interested in that one nap business I was trying before we left!

He also pleased all the family members with his giant grin and grunty boy-lingo.   Basically he proved to me over and over that he was the right twin for the job.

Especially since…Poor Sassy had an ear infection.  She was a little sniffly when I left and according to my mom was “velcroed” to her and was acting a bit “sensitive” (AKA would not let go and was shrieking nonstop).  We chalked it all up to the cold and being away from me and Butts, but I wish I’d thought to send them to the doctor sooner.  The poor girl was really suffering.  Not until Sunday did it get so bad that we decided she should go to Urgent Care.  Of course, one of my cousin’s husband is a nurse and he said that Urgent Care places suck, so Hubby should just go straight to the ER.  Even though it didn’t change her illness at all, it just made me more on edge to be across the friggin’ country while my little lady was in the ER.

Turns out it was just the EI and the medicine finally did it’s job.  I’m still not quite to the point where I’m truly glad I missed it, although everyone tells me I should be.  It was her first one, and I just feel so bad that I wasn’t here to hold her.

Speaking of holding babies, though…I STILL GOT IT!  We were at dinner at my aunt’s house one night during the trip and Butts was acting VERY ready for bed.  My dad offered to take him home and put him down, and since I was enjoying my wine and wasn’t in a big rush to go home, of course I took him up on it.  Once my dad called and told me he successfully got him to sleep I realized that I could go help out my cousin by being her night nanny.  Since she’s formula feeding, I figured why not let her sleep for one night.  I can handle two 6 pounders, right?

Well, despite a moment of deep regret and not-so-mild panic as she headed up the stairs to bed, YES!  I could handle them.  They only woke up twice – at midnight and then again just before 5am.  I was a little nervous that I would sleep through their wee little whimpers, so even though I was on the couch a mere 8 inches from their pack-n-play, I set my phone alarm to wake me at 4.  It was kind of fun watching them sleep for that last hour.  I forgot about all the little video game noises they make!  After I fed them at 5, I sent them up to their mom’s room and went home to check on Butts.  Amazingly he slept until 8:30, allowing me to sleep for another 2 hours.  He is a PRINCE!

The trip home went a lot better, despite the 23 month old banshee that was seated in front of us.  She and her supercute 5 yr old sister took a liking to Butts and would NOT leave us alone.  Even when he was sleeping, she would stand up backwards on the seat, and shriek:  “BABY SLEEPIN’!?!!?!  BABY SLEEPIN’!?!?!!”  Just when I thought that surely her mother would toss her out the window, or at least stuff a sock in her mouth…nothing happened.  And nothing kept on happening.  A couple times Butts stirred and I swear to you if she woke him up, I don’t know what.  (VERY) Lucky for her he was able to sleep through it – Phew!

My reunion with Sass was just not what I’d envisioned; the meds were still fighting off the infection and she was pretty pathetic.  She’s all good now, though, and I swear she is a new person!  She is as happy as a clam all the time.  Did she have a 14 month long ear infection or something?  Plus in the last couple of days she’s really and truly (and finally!) started walking.  I got used to Butts walking pretty quickly, but I still find myself surprised to see her walk into a room with her teeny, shuffly little steps.

Two walkers!  Oh boy.

On a totally unrelated note (and I’m typing this while watching SYTYCD results):  If I have to see Evan do that shoulder shrug/grin move ONE.MORE.TIME. I will throw something. Also, Sean Paul should be heard and not seen.  I actually enjoy reggaeton, but…ICK.

Seriously America?  Evan over Ade?  What the WHAT??????   Evan’s hair will never hold a pick.  Ugh.


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