Cabin Fever Fears


The weather here in the Bay Area really can’t be beat.  It’s September and while in most of the country, folks are dragging out the coats and jackets, here we’re looking at several more weeks of 75 degree days – wahoo!  But eventually winter, or at least our version of it, will come.  And I’m a little terrified.  Here’s why.

In July I was having a great run of going to the gym.  The babies were loving the kidcare, I was feeling fitter and all was well in the world.  Then Sarah got a little sniffle.  And then Matty and I went back east.  And then her little sniffle turned into the Most. Horrific. Ear Infection. Ever.

Cut to the present.  After returning from a few weeks in Palm Springs, I start going to the gym again.  Both kids get sick.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Of course, if I were just a more dedicated gym-goer, it would be much harder to pinpoint the cause, but that’s another problem for another day!

So, we’ve been pretty much confined to our house for the past 3 days and I’m going bonkers and so are the kids.   I’ve had to skip a few playdates and classes and haven’t been back to the gym, and oh my god the walls are closing in on me!  And she’s not too happy, either.

sassy tails

Seriously, though.  Is this my future?  Do I have to just shut down and go nowhere?  ACK!  I definitely can’t do that.  At some point absolutely none of my pants will fit and I’ll simply have to go back to the gym.  Or the loneliness will drive me batty and I’ll sell out my kids’ health for companionship.  I will!  There are just so many times I can read “Come Along, Daisy,” and I’m already really close to the limit.

Do I just douse the babes in Purell?  Can you even do that to a 1 year old?  Do I put Ziploc bags on each of their extremities?  Do I just suck it up and stock up on Motrin and tissues while their immune systems fully develop?

I feel like a bit of an ass even writing this because I know that there are tons of kids in daycare who can’t stay home and avoid the germs.  But just because I can, does that mean I have to?

Seriously.  I’m asking.


3 Responses to “Cabin Fever Fears”

  1. I think you have to weigh the pros and cons for your situation. The only way you can 100% avoid germs is to never go anywhere. Obviously my kids are in group care and the first cold and flu season was HORRIBLE but we powered through and now they have built up immunities to a lot of stuff. I could list an amazing list of illnesses we no longer need to worry about bc my kids already got it!

    Did it suck dealing with illnesses? Absolutely! Do they still get sick? Yes! However a few things you can do:
    *talk to your gym about sanitation practices – do they sanitize toys, wash hands when you get in, etc
    *go in the early morning once the gym has “cleared out” overnight of germs
    *forgo public playspaces for cold and flu season and have private playdates
    *trade times with another SAHM mom so you can both go to the gym

  2. 2 lifeineden

    Eventually they will get sick. My oldest was a stay-at-home kid and we lived in a SNOWY town. We stayed in a lot in the winter. Then when he finally went to pre-school at 3 we definitely dealt with a rash of illness. It’s going to happen at some point. If they are healthy and don’t have respiratory problems when they get sick (like need albuterol nebulization stuff) — then I say stick to your routine. You will get slammed now and then and need to stay in, but whatever. As for the ear infections, they may happen after colds no matter what. After 2 years-old, most kids improve with that when the eustation tubes elongate. Some kids always have problems with it (like one of mine!).

    Hang in there, good luck! And I’ve been planning on joining the Y and using the kidcare for the twins this winter — so later we can commiserate!

  3. I just went back to the Y after a hiatus myself and it felt so darn good.

    I sent Little Lassie to the Y when she was a little under the weather, but with no obvious signs of a cold. No runny nose or hacking cough. I started doing it when I realized many other kids there had some type of mild cold and she kept getting bugs from them. If I only went to the gym when LL was 100% well, I’d never get there particularly in the winter.

    As time has passed LL’s colds have gotten milder and fewer. She may be building immunities. So, I say get thee to the gym, store or playground. I’ve heard adrenalin is a natural decongestant, so I always take LL out for walks in the fresh air when she has a cold. It seems to work well for our funky moods and phlemy throats.

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