Dear Visitors


You see that sign on the door?

“Babies napping, please do not ring bell.”

I kinda thought it was good.  Short, to the point.  And up until this morning, it’s been quite effective.  Now, I know I am a complete asswipe about nap quietness.  I know this.  But they’re MY damn kids’ damn naps and I can be as asswipey as I want!  And I can be mad when a the dishwasher repairman arrives and interprets the sign to mean:  “…but it’s certainly ok to pound the shit out of the door and then shout who you are when I open it.”

Also?  Once I’ve let you in (and implored you to keep it down) there’s no need to yell, ““OH YOU’RE WATCHING THE GAME!”  Doubles tennis does not warrant this level of excitement. Even when it’s post-freak out Serena.

So thanks for the short naps, jerk.  If you don’t actually fix the dishwasher, I’m coming after ya.


3 Responses to “Dear Visitors”

  1. 1 g

    Oh yes,naptime. It is precious.

    I’d just about take the contents of the knife drawer to somebody who did that.


  2. I would be SO PISSED!! It should be legal to impose fines on people who disturb otherwise peacefully sleeping twins…

  3. 3 Jen

    I’d be enraged too.

    I have multiple layers of noisemakers going in each of the kids’ rooms, to prevent just this sort of tragedy. Fans set to “high,” white noise machines, ceiling fans, mp3 player on the oldest…

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