Housepant Guilt


I dig out my makeup bag from the deep recesses of the bathroom drawer.  I “borrow” my favorite bangle bracelet from Sarah’s dress up basket.  I find my jeans with the least kid-crud and pair them with a top that’s not my high school basketball t-shirt.  I put on shoes that are neither sneakers nor flip flops!  My hair is clean and headband-free.

Could it be?  Date night with the Hubs?

Alas, no.  “Moms Night Out.”  Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing to be alassing about in regard to the MNO…it’s just that these nights are very quickly becoming my entire social life.  I always feel so guilty that the only times I ever make an attempt to look decent happen to be when I’m going out without Will.  He gets schlumpy, housepantsy, headbandy, yogurt-encrusted me.  The poor bastard.

This morning as I was rushing out the door to a Weight Watchers meeting, I asked him if my hair looked ok.  A Weight Watchers meeting.  I can only imagine dude was like, “Whatever, heifer.  You just go ahead looking nice for your fellow fatties.  I’ll be here browsing”

I guess what really needs to happen here is that we need to pony up and hire a babysitter from time to time.  Not just for date nights, but for me during the day.  Today I decided to finally use the golf lesson gift certificate I got for Mother’s Day.  Once the lesson was over, I realized I could benefit from some alone time, so I went to the mall and just wandered around.  It was mostly glorious, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that while Will was home I should be home with him.  We should be having family time, not “Mommy looks longingly at clothes she can’t fit into” time.  Not that I don’t need that time!  I do.  I really miss just being alone, but when it’s at the expense of family time, sometimes I get the guilts which turn into the shakeys, which turn into the aw crap, I might as well go homies…

Ahh, Guilt.  You powerful bitch.

On the upside I got a new set of 600 thread count sheets and my golf instructor used his smooth British accent to be very complementary about my game.  Woo hoo!


4 Responses to “Housepant Guilt”

  1. At least you’re getting out! I’m starting to feel like they’re permanently attached to me. Even when hubs is supposed to be watching them while I’m doing housework (hah, you know the blue moon happened this week), I still find them lingering around my legs. But, the same way, if I’m out on errands or “me” time, I find myself rushing home because I feel guilty for not being home with the family.
    Guilt, does it ever end?

  2. I hate that ……. I bitch and moan because I NEVER have any alone time and when I get some I drive around aimlessly …….then I get bored and end up going home. I guess just the idea of having the time is enough ……. besides then I would have nothing to moan about!!!
    It’s the pits being a mommy …….with the guilt and all. I guess there will be a time when we long for them to want to hang with us though …….
    I would love for you guys to come up for that Kids place …… it’s so much fun. For adults too!!!

  3. Honestly, I never really feel guilty about grabbing alone time. Randy enjoys one on one with little lassie and I love hearing the stories (and funny mishaps) of their time together. I only get a few hours a week to myself, but I feel like I earn them. Am I in the minority?

  4. 4 Ms Planner

    He he he. Your hee-larious writing style always makes me laugh.

    Just catching up on some blogs. Some of my SAHM friends have a sitter that comes once / week for a 3-4 hour block of time. It is part of their weekly routine and once it becomes ingrained, perhaps you might have less guilt. Just a thought.

    Also on the workout thing and colds. I quit my gym last fall because Missy was always getting sick after I took her there. Well, that and I just could not enjoy my yoga practice under bright lights and loud Beyonce tunes. (I am not knocking Beyonce. It was just really loud.) For other public places, I started using a small spray bottle called CleanWell on my hand’s and Missy’s. We’ve had okay results so far. Much safer for the wee ones than Purell.

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