Are 2 sick kids better than 1?


Let me break it down for ya: I’m currently pinned on the couch by 28 pounds of sleeping sick toddler. That? Could be worse.

My real problem? The 30 pounds of non-sick toddler running loose in the house. My only options for discipline are as follows:

1. Squirting him with a water bottle (already proven to be ineffective);

2. Throwing household items at him (only available choices are remote control and coffee mug and obviously I need those); or

3. Letting him continue to run amok until he either passes out or knocks himself unconcious.

Also he’s not watching the tv but goes apeshit if I turn off Curious George. Maybe I should just follow ole Yellow Hat’s lead and let Matty out into the world on his own. Surely nothing could go wrong, right???

She’s a cute lil sickie, isn’t she?


5 Responses to “Are 2 sick kids better than 1?”

  1. 1 Superstar

    Poor little stinker. What’s the matter with her? I can’t tell you which is worse, as I wasn’t crazy about the times when both were sick and it certainly wasn’t fun when only one was sick. Don’t chuck the remote at him. You’ll need that. Maybe now one of those leashes isn’t such a bad idea…

  2. Many times a day I contemplate the throwing of household items to persuade the small people to stop and desist. However, a) there usually isn’t anything good within reach, b) it probably wouldn’t do any good, anyway, and c) it undoes any of the “training” we’ve initiated on not throwing things at each other.
    I stopped in the middle of this comment and lost my train of thought. Ergh. It happens.
    Hope you are all healthy soon!

  3. 3 Heather

    It’s been one of my deepest desires to use a squirt bottle the kids. It works for the cat right?!

  4. 4 msplanner

    Love the water bottle idea. Too bad it didn’t work. So glad to see a (hysterical) post from you. I need some humor in my life right now.

    Missy loves Curious George, too.

  5. Was thinking of you today and wondering how things are in your corner of the world!

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