Ain’t No Shame in My Game


So, yesterday I sent this email to a few of my “mom” friends:

Subject:  Special Opportunity!

The (Our Last Name Here) 3, usually just a weekday grouping will be available for playdates and so much more this weekend!  You’ll want to get in on this amazing opportunity while it lasts!

The Hubs wants to go watch motorcycles drive around in circles.  Myself, I’m going to go crazy using a different method – Toddler Torture!  I’ll be alone with my children from Friday morning until Sunday evening.  I need your help.  Invite us to a park, invite us to your house (dare ya!), come to us…just do SOMETHING to give me the adult interaction I’ll be craving as well as the distraction that the runts and I will certainly be needing from each other.  Also, if anyone is interested in coming over on Saturday night to watch a chick flick and drink heavily, stop on by.

If you’re thinking that this email is pathetic, well, you’re right!  Happy now?


So yeah, I put it out there.  I can’t be alone with my kids for 3 days!  No way, no how, uh UH!  At first I was a bit hesitant to send it.  Like,  can’t I just let plans fall into my lap?  Or, arent’ I embarrassed to let on that I didn’t have any plans for this weekend?  No, no and NO!  I needed to fill my playdate card to the gills this weekend and I was gonna do it anyway I had to.  Just the thought of doing a whole week at home with the monsters um… midgets, um… future rational people, then a whole weekend and then starting it all over again next Monday definitely sent me into an internal (and occasionally external) tizzy.

But now, having shared my plight with my pals, they have responded like gangbusters, and I’m facing a weekend chock-full of fun stuff.  In fact I made the mistake of listing off our plans to Will and instead of feeling sorry for me like he was supposed to, I think he might be a little jealous!  We’re going to a margarita happy hour playdate this afternoon,  tomorrow I will try putting my kids in my friend’s gym day care so she and I can do a training ride and run for our upcoming triathlon, then we may hit some wineries.  I’ve got another friend coming over for a movie and wine (She’s a sucker for chick flicks, so my hopes that she’d respond to that came true!) and then a trip with her family to the Farmers Market on Sunday morning.  Man, I’m kinda tired just typing that.     Also, I feel a bit pre-hungover.

Here’s the thing that’s pretty embarrassing, though.  Single parents are doing this solo thing EVERY WEEK and EVERY WEEKEND.  HOW for chrissakes?   Probably not by sending out emails whining about their situation.  What, do they have pride or something?

Ok, so bottom line?  I needed help and I asked for it and I GOT IT!  Important lessons abound.


2 Responses to “Ain’t No Shame in My Game”

  1. There you are! I thought maybe the munchkins had won the battle. 🙂
    Sounds like a fun weekend! I, too, wonder how some people do it without any support. A caffeine IV, I suspect.
    Have a great fun-packed weekend!

  2. 2 msplanner

    This post was perfectly timed and exactly what I needed! Thank you.

    Of course, you pulled it all off with your fabulous (and enviable) sense of humor.

    I am going to borrow some of your style points as I send out my “help needed” email to friends in the late fall when I have a toddler, a new baby and a daddy in ski patrol on Saturdays. EVERY Saturday. All winter long.

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