About Moi

I’m an amateur wife and mom (keeping the amateur status in case there’s ever an Olympics).  We’ve been married 5.5 years and spent pretty much all of the first four years trying to have a baby.  Don’t get all huffy now.  It’s not THAT kind of blog. Most of that “trying” was in a doctor’s office after a while.  Eventually, thanks to science and a really weird doctor we’ve got 10 month old twins.  One of each and no, they’re not identical…um hello?  Identical means the same.

I used to be a nonprofit do-gooder, but now I wipe butts and noses for a living.  There’s not much money it, but most of the time it’s pretty damn fun.


One Response to “About Moi”

  1. 1 Lisa

    Hello there! I was told by another blogging twin Mommy (i.e Seussgirl) that we may have twins born on the same day. I have 2 year-old twin boys that were born on May 2nd. So, I hope you don’t mind that I decided to stop by and check out your blog. It’s always good to meet someone in the same boat as you. Please feel free to pop in on mine any time.

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