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Slow Learner


Ok, before y’all roll your eyes and snark, “Slow LEARNER?!?! How about slow BLOGGER!” Yes. I am. I’ve been out of ideas, out of inspiration, out of focus. All that. Back in the day I might have said at this point, “I’m back!” But honestly, I don’t know. All I know is that for the […]



So, in addition to joining Weight Watchers, I’ve also begun the Couch to 5k running program.  I actually started the program a while ago, and just finished Week 5 of 9.  I actually think the running is totally separate from the weight thing.  For me being a fatty is all about the food and drink.  […]

Housepant Guilt


I dig out my makeup bag from the deep recesses of the bathroom drawer.  I “borrow” my favorite bangle bracelet from Sarah’s dress up basket.  I find my jeans with the least kid-crud and pair them with a top that’s not my high school basketball t-shirt.  I put on shoes that are neither sneakers nor […]

Dear Visitors


You see that sign on the door? “Babies napping, please do not ring bell.” I kinda thought it was good.  Short, to the point.  And up until this morning, it’s been quite effective.  Now, I know I am a complete asswipe about nap quietness.  I know this.  But they’re MY damn kids’ damn naps and […]

The weather here in the Bay Area really can’t be beat.  It’s September and while in most of the country, folks are dragging out the coats and jackets, here we’re looking at several more weeks of 75 degree days – wahoo!  But eventually winter, or at least our version of it, will come.  And I’m […]

Flipped out


Today I watched Sarah do an unintentional forward flip off the kangaroo climber in the playroom. I watched her little neck bend in a way that it shouldn’t and I watched her body land in a crumpled little heap. I shrieked, she wailed, and Matty made a bunch of noise, too. I picked her up […]

Sunday Morning


It was so quiet in the living room that I had to wonder what was going on. This.  Awww!